Revival Or Resuscitation

       As a gardener  I talk about reviving a vase of flowers or a neglected potted plant. As a cook I talk about reviving left over veggies into soup or left over oatmeal into bread. So... revival to me means to take something that is about to go beyond my use and toss it into the garbage. Or I could recycle that garbage in a compost heap! Or use it to feed the pigs! But once this happens it is gone and will never be what it once was.
     Have you ever seen a vase of flower that need reviving? Yuck! They have slimy, stinky stems, even the water smells bad from rotting parts sitting around and decaying! The once beautiful plants are shriveled up and it is gross to try and separate the few good ones out of the yuck so you can cut away the slimy rotten stuff and put them in a smaller vase. They are no longer the beautiful group of flowers they once were! As I said in the beginning eventually they are only good for the compost heap like the ones before them! At least potted plants stand a little better chance of reviving! You can try nourishing them with plant food, you can water them, give them more light, see if something is eating at them and deal with that. Or perhaps you need to relocate or repot them so the can have more room to grow. They might make a come back if they aren't too far gone! But...What if we like a vase of flowers Jesus came back when they were stinky, or slimy or worse! Or what if Jesus came back and like the potted plant we are sickly and in shock from transplanting or worse! Times up! Some how I don't think Jesus would want His Bride in various stages of revival.
    How about resuscitation? Do you think Jesus might like that better! When I hear the word  resuscitation to me  it means that if something isn't done right away that person or animal will die! It means that the person who is doing the resuscitating hopefully has had some training or knows what they are doing. Do you think He would want to come back and see His Bride needing resuscitation? No! Just think about it! A bride who is pale, sickly, weak...Maybe even on it's last breath or ...gulp! Mostly dead lukewarm! Quick someone so do mouth to mouth! Get a medic to restart her heart! Whops too late!! Here comes our Awesome, Strong, Handsome Groom, Jesus! Times up!
       If you are His bride would you dare to ask Jesus, "When did you ask me to be your bride?" Jesus would ask, Didn't you read my love letter? (BIBLE) I told you all about Me and My love for you! The wedding is paid for in my own blood! (Jesus) He even paid your health plan! (By His stripes you are healed) I have given you a Helper to teach you and groom you for the wedding? God could very well ask us, "why have you been doing sitting around twitting your thumbs all this time?" No wonder we need revival or resuscitation! We ignore the Holy Spirit and neglected to take care of the bride! Why are we not seeking ways to show Him our love, respect, or thanks, or what makes Him Happy?! It isn't like He doesn't come courting us every day! Think of prayer and praise as lines of communication between you and Me (says Jesus the groom). If I (Jesus) don't answer you have a fit! "Why are you not out there preparing for our wedding dinner?" "I left you invitations to give to everyone you meet?" ,"Are You ashamed of Me! Or My Name!" "Why are you grieving the one who is sent to Help you?" (The Holy Spirit the Helper)
    Sometimes I wonder if we really know who we are? Who we Love? Who loves? What we really are suppose to be doing? I don't know about You but most Brides I know who are in love are happy! Brides also love His family and respect them. They delight in talking about the upcoming marriage and inviting others to share in their joy! Hey this is no wimpy wedding or family we are part of ! She knows the words she sings as she prepares for their wedding! Words about love! About how strong, brave, handsome he is! Smile! Dance! Get so excited and dizzy with anticipation! And As she comes down the Aisle she shines! She even has forgotten hard times and wrecked nerves and everything else but Him! Can you tell me Ten personal wonderful things you love about Jesus? His Father? Or the helper he sent you? (The Holy Spirit) Can you think of ten things that would show your love in return? How about Ten things that you love about The Groom, His Father, and The Helper and the way they are towards others?
Got to Go! I have people to invite! And things to do in preparation! Friend and family to pray for! Oh and if you hear or see any one or thing that shouldn't be here tell it to go! Ask the helper to help you get rid of it!